22 April 2006

e-Filing: File your income tax return online

This is the first year the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Malaysia introduces the use of online income tax return filing.

This is the steps to file tax return online.

Source: The Sun newspaper, 19 April 2006

Getting a digital certificate
1. Go to the nearest branch to obtain a PIN number. The PIN number is a 16 digit number sealed like a usual bank's credit card PIN number.
2. Log on to https://e.hasil.org.my/
3. Back up your digital certificate and password online by clicking the link "penyelengaran sijil digital" (digital certificate maintenance).
4. View or remove the certificate from the computer, open an Internet Explorer window and go to "Tools > Internet Options > Content > Certificates".

Keep your password confidential and remove the certificate if the computer you are using is shared by others. After registration, the pin number is no longer needed, instead you will use your password.

Using the BE Form
1. Download form from e-Hasil
2. Install form in your "program files" folder
3. Go to "Start" and select BE form to open the form. The PDF form requires Adobe Reader with, at least, Version 7.0.5. If your Adobe Reader is Version 6.0 you will need to download 20MB to upgrade the Adobe Reader to Version 7.0 and to download another 9MB to upgrade your Adobe Reader to Version 7.0.5. If you are using Broadband, it will take you slightly less than one hour to complete both downloads.
4. Fill in the form.
5. Click "cetak" to print, "export" to save the completed form to your hard disk, diskette or thumb drive.
6. Click "tandatangan dan hantar" to attach digital certificate and send form to the IRB via your internet connection.
7. You should receive immediate confirmation of receipt. If not, keep resending until you do.
8. Print and save confirmation.

Once submitted, error in the form cannot be corrected by sending in a second form. You will have to drop by an IRB branch to make the correction.

You can download the manual from e-hasil, call 1-300-88-3010 or email callcentre@hasil.org.my

Source: The Sun newspaper, 19 April 2006

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